Commercial Truck Drivers with Military Experience

We want you in our ranks.

If you drove trucks in the military, there's a good chance you can skip driving school and slide into the commercial driver's seat with relative ease, thanks to an initiative approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Most state transportation departments now offer a Military Skills Test Waiver  for CDL applicants who plan to drive vehicles similar to those used in the military. It waives the road skills test requirement — meaning if you qualify, all you need to do is pass the written exam in order to get your CDL.

The waiver program is a great way to streamline the CDL process for military members. To be eligible, you must be active duty military or a recent honorably discharged veteran with at least two years experience operating a commercial motor vehicle as part of your military job requirements. To apply, fill out the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver Form.

Once you have your class A CDL, then contact our Recruiting department to start you down the road to becoming a qualified professional steel hauler.

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