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June 2015

Milestone Achieved

Great Sadness

On May 28th, Ms. Judy lost her nine month fight with cancer. The shine in her beautiful eyes left us that day. 

There will be no more pain and suffering. God took home one of the best. Judy was born on December 31, 1960 and is survived by her loving son Lonnie Clem Pierce and three, adored grandchildren. 

We will surely miss Ms. Judy's feisty spirit, beautiful smile, joy & laughter, but especially her friendship. She touched each of our lives and made a lifelong imprint of what a true friend should be.


Meet The "Best of the Best"

Mr. Pat Chrzanowski, "What Makes Me Tick"

While growing up family values, morals, and honesty were a part of my home and the foundation of who I have become. These characteristics were not drilled in or preached but as an adult I look back and they were taught through conversation and action I observed.

I spent seven years in the US Marines where the same values were a part of; Life, God, Country, and the Corp. they would say. The Marines also taught me the discipline I needed to be an Owner Operator; get yourself up in the morning, push yourself to do better each day, and don't give up when things get rough.

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Last year when our status was downgraded to "Conditional" it sent a wake-up call which required us to fundamentally change how we do business. Safety at that time was considered a "necessary evil". Now it is a daily priority. Safety is not the sole responsibility of Jennifer and her team; they cannot impact our Safety CSA BASIC scores sitting in Toledo. It is you! 

Words cannot express our gratitude with your willingness to accept all the necessary changes. You did it! Congratulation on our 4/22/15 upgrade back to "Satisfactory" and helping us on our journey of being "The Best of the Best"! 

There is still plenty of improvement needed in the Maintenance and HOS BASIC to get below the threshold. With your continued commitment, we will achieve our goal of being below all of the 5 BASIC thresholds.

Great News

Occupational/Accident Insurance Available

At the end of April we signed an agreement to provide you group coverage for Occupational, Accident and Dismemberment Insurance. This policy provides a combination of insurance; Term Life, Medical, and Disability Wage in the event of an occupational injury. The parameter of the benefit levels and an application to enroll were included in your May 1 settlement paperwork. This plan waives all pre-existing conditions and the cost to you is at an incredible low price of $34.87 per week. That is less than $7 per work day. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Linda Wilson.

Training Modules Are Live

Based on inputs from several of you at our Winter Business Meeting, we are excited to have signed a contract with Vertical Alliance Group. This service provides 24/7 cloud based training modules for remedial, safety, CSA, and fuel efficiency. It provides complete testing, tracking, reporting, and certification. Individual passwords have been set up using the initials of your first and last name followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number. To access the website use northernsteeltransport.infinit-i.net.

Job Well Done
Since the implementation of the Lane Inspections at the end of September, we have had 7 Clean Roadside Inspections! Clean Roadsides are the key to our progress; this takes maintaining your equipment each day. We want to give a special thanks those that have recently passed inspection; those drivers include: Carlos Cornejo (Lake Station), Richard Sample (Canton), Denny Reckner (Toledo), and Scott Tubbs (Toledo). Good work!
Safety Corner

Join The Safety Committee

Citations for failure to use seat belts have a seasonal component -- peaking in the summer and falling in the winter months. Failure to wear a seat belt is a 7 point violation under the Unsafe Driving BASIC category.

Violations either occur during roadside inspections when the vehicle is pulled over for observable maintenance issues or fixed site inspections. What really matters is your safety, so please buckle up.

We are forming Safety Committees for each of the three regions. So far we have a total of 6 drivers who are interested in serving on the committee. Each region's committee will meet quarterly during the week in the respective region during lunch or dinner. The committees' responsibility will be to review the last quarter's performance in the 5 BASIC categories and to develop and/or modify our policies and procedures. If you are interested in joining our committee please contact Kevin.

Jen Speaks: Listen Up!

We continue to trend in the wrong direction in our HOS BASIC. We are now at the 83rd percentile. We started this year at the 75th percentile. The intervention threshold is 65%. The number one contributor is form/matter. We just received one that the last 7 days of logs were not completed. Guys, this is basic and we should have zero violations in this area. I need your help to reverse this trend.

If upon delivery your cargo is damaged, you need to have that notated on the bill of lading. We have received a number of complaints which Safety has received no documentation of it occurring. In the future, please contact Safety promptly and make sure the type of damage is noted on the paperwork.

Lastly, one more "HELP" Jen request. Great Day in America fellas, our job in safety has multiplied tenfold when your paperwork (logs, monthly maintenance, repair receipts, etc.) does not get turned in on time. Our only recourse is to hold your pay until we receive the documentation that should have been sent in but yet we have to keep requesting it over and over again. Really, don't make us out to be the bad girls! I will come out and get you. Remember, missing maintenance documentation was the last straw that placed us as "Unsatisfactory" status, which is certainly not where any of us want to live through again.

The mandatory monthly Level 2 Inspections were put into effect to improve in our Maintenance BASIC. Despite this effort our score in this BASIC continues to be at the 99th percentile. The below results show how this 2 month temporary change will make the difference in the future:

Due to the improvement, we are modifying the policy as follows: Those with less than 40 points in their Maintenance BASIC will be placed on a quarterly rotation. Those with 40 points or higher will be required to have an inspection monthly until their score falls below 40. If you receive a Maintenance OOS Roadside, you will be required to have 3 consecutive successful inspections.

Our next Business/Safety meeting will be this October. Have a great summer!






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