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September 2014

Word From Leadership
Did you know that the normal male's average life expectancy is 75.1years verses the normal driver is 61 years. Diabetes is 50% higher in the driver population.Eighty-seven percent of drivers suffer from high blood pressure compared to the national rate of 58%. Only 8% of drivers exercise regularly compared to a national rate of 49%. While you are taking your 30 minute required break or you are waiting in line to be loaded take a brisk walk. Exercise and what you eat will make a difference in your overall lifestyle. We care about your health and certainly your love ones do.  
We have established a comprehensive Safety Management Plan (SMP) that is founded on six key principles:
  • Crash
  • Maintenance
  • Unsafe Driving
  • HOS
  • Controlled Substance/Alcohol
  • Driver Fitness
The key to becoming the "Best of the Best" in the Transportation Industry is that we do what we say we are going to do. In order to have the "Best of the Best" SMP, the responsibility and accountability for safety needs to be implemented and supported where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. That's right our Drivers, Dispatchers, & Terminal Managers are the key to achieving this goal. Up to now it has just been the members of our Safety Department in Toledo. As a result, we are failing in several of these key areas. This will be a fundamental cultural change and it will not happen overnight and it can only happen with your help. You are the future of NST. The NST Ownership and Leadership teams are fully committed to making this change and doing what it takes to assure you that we will be the "Best of the Best".
Driver Appreciation
You are the life blood of NST and an extension of Our Family. Words cannot express our deep appreciation for what you do every day battling crazy drivers, traffic jams, detention, and the list goes on and on. In recognition, our Toledo staff will be preparing lunch this coming Tuesday (9/16) and Thursday (9/18) for anyone that is in the area. This will give us an opportunity to reach out and personally say THANK-YOU!
Lane Inspections
As most of you are aware, NST has rolled out a Lane Inspection procedure and policy. This change was needed to facilitate the immediate improvements needed in our Maintenance CSA score. We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in making this program be successful. We will provide you with a more in depth explanation at the Safety Meetings (Dates are listed below).
Quarterly Safety Meetings

Starting September 13th, we will begin having Quarterly Safety meetings.

The schedule is as follows:
Saturday, September 13th - Cleveland & Canton
Saturday, September 20th - Toledo & Mansfield
Saturday, September 27th - Lake Station & Indianapolis

These meetings will: introduce our SMP, provide education on your individual CSA scores, training on safe driving, cast a vision of our direction and long-term goals, and provide an overview on where we think the Transportation Industry is heading. The next round of meetings will start January 10th. We will continue with the Quarterly timeframe until we do become the "Best of the Best".






      We are proud of our philosophy of success through teamwork.
  Celebrating our drivers.
  NST creates economical efficiencies allowing you to dedicate more time to your customer’s needs.
  Drive with the "Best of the Best."
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