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The following information is our home office contacts. Scroll down for company directory.

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Home Office
Phone Toll Free:   800-537-0223
Phone:   419-729-3867
Fax - Safety & Recruiting:   419-729-1346
Fax - Accounting:   419-729-4132
Address:   6041 Benore Rd.
PO Box 6996
Toledo, Ohio 43612
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NST Direct Contacts
Brady Sheahan 419-729-3867 x230
Mike Bieber (Gary, Indiana) 219-962-4518
Brady Sheahan 419-729-3867 x230
Jennifer Meyers 419-729-3867 x232
Kim Chernota - Safety Clerk 419-729-3867 x274
Amy Kovacs - Safety Clerk 419-729-3867 x268
Allisa Rizo - Safety Clerk 419-729-3867 x210
Yvonne Priest - Fuel Advance/Accounts Payable 419-729-3867 x264  
Trina Obrien - Trip Lease Payoff 419-729-3867 x244  
Trina Gearheart - Billing 419-729-3867 x272  
Linda Wilson - Settlements 419-729-3867 x246  





      We are proud of our philosophy of success through teamwork.
  Celebrating our drivers.
  NST creates economical efficiencies allowing you to dedicate more time to your customer’s needs.
  Drive with the "Best of the Best."
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