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Meet one of the "Best of the Best": Mr. Pat Chrzanowski

What Makes Me Tick:

While growing up family values, morals, and honesty were a part of my home and the foundation of who I have become. These characteristics were not drilled in or preached but as an adult I look back and they were taught through conversation and action I observed.

I spent seven years in the US Marines where the same values were a part of; Life, God, Country, and the Corp. they would say. The Marines also taught me the discipline I needed to be an Owner Operator; get yourself up in the morning, push yourself to do better each day, and don’t give up when things get rough.

Why Did I Become A Truck Driver?

I fell in love with trucking as a kid. I would go with my dad on runs. Long story short 1 month after leaving the Marines I bought my first truck. My dad’s dream came true.  He had a son that was running with him. We drove for the same company. Fast forward 30 years, I look in my mirror and see 2 of my sons, Dan and Robert, driving with me. I finally know how my dad felt!

I have been driving for 32 years about 28 of those as an O/O. It’s not an easy job. There are ups and downs. That is where family comes into play. It’s a good life and having a strong family and stronger wife makes it possible. My wife has had to be; mom, dad, banker, and partner through it all. She’s definitely stood up to the task.  She’s the North Star of our family.

I use these values when dealing with our customers. Our customers want to know that they are dealing with honest, hard-working people with good appearance, good equipment, and good attitude. That’s what they get with my sons and me.

Why NST?

After so many years in the business, I finally came to NST due to the urging of my sons. This has been the best business move I’ve ever made. At NST, I am known by my name and not just by my truck number. They’ve met my wife, sons, and their families. NST treats me like I’m a part of their family. I know what I am doing, when and where I’m needed, and in most instances how much I will be paid. I make great money, but what’s most important is that I finally feel like I have a partner (NST) helping me keep my business rolling. I’m an Owner/Operator but I’m partners with NST. Therefore, I consider myself a company man.




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